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Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan
Subi and Jonathan


  • Benjamin Chacko
    Benjamin Chacko
    Best Man & Brother
    I have known Ben for my entire life. Why? Because he's my older brother. We grew up together, shared bedrooms and fought together sometimes too. He's a guy I love and couldn't imagine life without him. I've always looked up to him and still do. He's stinkin' smart, driven and such a hard worker - all admirable characteristics. A top all this, he's pretty good looking too - right? At least that's what I've been told my ENTIRE life :)
  • Kyle Lantz
    Kyle Lantz
    Good Friend & Roommate
    Kyle is one of those people that's hard to describe. If you could create the nicest, most sincere person, you'd create Phil Byers. BUT if you couldn't create Phil, you'd then create Kyle. I always describe Kyle this way (it might sound odd, but I think it communicates the point). If my girlfriend/fiance were to ever break up with me and date Kyle, all I could say to her is, "You've chosen wisely and have really upgraded." He's been a great friend since the second we met in Taylor University.
  • Sam Varghese
    Sam Varghese
    Good Friend
    I often say that I have the best friends in the world and Sam is a prime example. Always willing to go the extra mile, Sam has sacrificed for me multiple times. Our friendship really blossomed during our Summer Trips with Dwight, traveling the world and learning the Word. He's a faitful and steady friend and someone I'm excited to be challenged by as the years go by.
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  • Christine Cao
    Christine Cao
    Maid of Honor & Best Friend
    My bestie since 8th grade and the only Asian I know that is always on time and has a schedule/itinerary on her vacations! She is strong-willed, beautiful inside and out, a shop-a-holic, loyal friend and has the biggest heart. I can always depend on her to follow through on her word, get me out of trouble (unless my sister is interrogating her), have a shoulder to cry on, kill gross bugs with her bare hands for me, be the person I sing songs with over the phone at 2:00 am and share my secrets with. She has been such a joy to know and grow up with. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life!
  • Suja Samuel
    Suja Samuel
    Good Friend & Sister
    She is the free-spirit in our family. "Hakunah-ma-ta-ta" is most likely her life quote/inspiration. She is the only person in the family that stays calm and has a smile on her face while the rest of us stress out. She has paved the way for me. If it weren't for her, I would have never had the chance to experience a lot of different things in life. She is the reason why I went from being a tom boy to a princess (Jon you now know the culprit). She is also the reason why I got horrific haircuts as a child, burns on my forehead from curling irons! and most importantly, over the past 26 years she modeled how to shop till you drop (once again, Jon, you can blame her)! Life would not have been the same without her!
  • Stephanie Thomas
    Stephanie Thomas
    Cousin & Great Friend
    The Ultimate Hula Hoop Champion of Chicago! If you don't know her as Ms. Hula Hoop Champion then you most likely know her as the Queen of High Fives. Stephy is the life of the party and my best cousin friend. She brings laughter and joy to anyone she knows. Although she and I live miles apart, I can always count on her to be there for me. When we are together, I can count on making hilarious memories with her, eating tons of food, swapping clothes, dancing till our feet hurt and laughing non-stop. I am so thankful for her!
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Saturday, June 30, 2012
3:30 pm


Wedding Ceremony

Our ceremony will take place at Providence Church in Frisco, TX . The address is 5625 Preston Road, Frisco, TX 75034. There is plenty of parking and it is free.

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Dinner Reception & Dancing

A dinner reception will be held at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship (we love churches) immediately following the ceremony.
The address for the reception is 4141 International Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75007



For all y'all coming from out of town, you can fly into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) or Dallas Love Field (DAL).


Fairfield Inn & Suites is offering us special rates for our wedding weekend. The hotel is about a 30 minutes drive from the aiport and a 15 minute drive from both the ceremony and reception locations.

  • 2 Queens beds for $79/night
  • 1 King bed for $79/night
  • King Suite (1 King bed and pull-out bed) for $89/night

Dallas is HOT! Especially in June. Both the ceremony and reception will be indoors where you'll receive cool breezes of AC. Feel free to enjoy the heat of Dallas and swimming at the hotel pool.

If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to email us at jschacko2012@gmail.com.



Dear friends and family,

Yes, we registered and here are the spots we thought you might have fun shopping :)


  2. The econ ain't so hot, but if you'd like to get us stuff for our bed, bath or even beyond...here you go.


  4. A circle with a dot inside marks the spot. We didn't want to miss the mark so we registered here too.

  5. MACY'S

  6. And if you do notice something on our list that you have creatively learned to do without, please give us your feedback (this is our first time too).
    If you would like to mail us a gift, please contact us and we'll give you our post-nuptials address.

    All our love,

    Subi Samuel & Jonathan Chacko